Casablanca Ranch 
County Road 99, Abbeville, AL 
Registered Santa Gertrudis Cattle
Santa Gertrudis/Black Angus Cattle

Beef Prices


                                                             Revised April 9, 2017
                   Ground Beef                                                     $6.50 per pound

                  Stew Meat                                                             $7 per pound

                  Beef Ribs                                                               $6 per pound

                  Filet Mignon                                                         $15 per pound

                  Steaks: Tbone, Rib Eye, NY Strip                       $12 per pound

                  Roast, Sirloin Tip and Chuck                                 $8 per pound

                   Brisket                                                                   $9 per pound

                   Liver                                                                      $3 per pound

                   Soup bones, Marrow bones                                  $3 per pound

        We also offer whole, halves or quarters cut to your instructions for $4.00 per pound of hanging weight. The finished and trimmed weight will usually yield 60%-70 % of the hanging weight.

Our cattle are never given growth hormones, any type of steroids or growth enhancing medications. We do not feed them corn, chicken litter or cotton gin waste. Their diet is grass and hay. We give them minerals and salt as needed. We vaccinate them for diseases and parasites under the oversight of a Veterinarian. Our meat is inspected and approved during processing by a USDA inspector. 

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